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Early stage investment

Early stage investment into fast growing companies

Shore Capital has been involved in development capital opportunities since the launch of our first fund, Puma I, in 1996.  Building upon that success, Shore Capital has developed a deep expertise in sourcing deal flow, taking appropriate security, accurately pricing risk, and supporting management to a successful exit. 

Our development capital team specialises in understanding the needs of small and mid-market companies that have the potential for outstanding value growth.  We typically take a minority share and provide ongoing strategic support, helping the business to achieve its growth ambitions by tailoring a flexible funding package using a mixture of loan finance and equity funding.

St. Peter Port Capital is a vehicle allowing clients to exploit our expertise in this field.

St. Peter Port Capital In 2007 we launched St. Peter Port Capital to make investments into companies prior to a likely Initial Public Offering.  The fund’s portfolio is weighted towards stocks exposed to oil and gas, mining and resources.

Our team also advises the market leading management team of the Puma Venture Capital Trusts, ensuring that all our clients gain maximum benefit from our expertise and experience.

Venture Capital Trusts In 2005 we launched the first of the Puma Venture Capital Trusts, using the skills we had developed managing our institutional-scale funds to offer a radically new form of VCT to our clients, with a focus on protecting capital.  Puma VCT 8 is now open for investment.
Puma I Launched in 1996 this growth capital fund delivered net returns to investors of 76.1% per annum between 1996 and 2000, when the fund was liquidated and wound-up. 
Puma II Following on from the success of Puma I, Puma II was launched in October 1999 and despite being managed over very challenging market conditions, achieved an overall growth in net assets of 58% to December 2006, outperforming the FTSE AIM Index by 78.7% over the same period.