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  Inception Date Latest Valuation Point Total Return (%) IRR (%)
Real Estate        
Puma Property  Aug 2002  Sep 2008  133.4  39.2
Puma Brandenburg  Mar 2006  Nov 2009  -31.6  -10.7
Puma Hotels  Jul 2004  Dec 2010  93.3  12.6
Growth Capital        
Puma I Fund  Oct 1996  Dec 2000  357.5  76.1
Puma II Fund  Dec 1999  Jul 2008  55.3  6.2
Puma VCT*  Apr 2005  Sep 2010  46.9  12.3
Puma VCT II*  Apr 2005  Sep 2010  47.0  12.7
Puma VCT III*  Apr 2006  Oct 2011  39.7  10.8
Puma VCT IV*  Apr 2006  Oct 2011  38.3  9.7
Puma VCT V*  Apr 2008  Mar 2013  36.4  9.2
Puma High Income VCT*  Apr 2010  Mar 2013  26.1  11.8
Puma VCT VII*  Apr 2011  Mar 2013  27.7  19.4
Puma VCT 8  Apr 2012  Mar 2013  30.9   -
Hedge Funds        
Puma Absolute Return Fund  May 2003  Dec 2011  48.3 4.7 
Puma Sphera  Dec 2006  Mar 2013  69.9 9.0
Portfolio Management        
Discretionary Clients Growth  Feb 2002  Nov 2011  54.1  4.5
Discretionary Clients Balanced  Feb 2002  Nov 2011  80.9  6.2
Multi-Manager Growth  Jul 2003  Nov 2011   107.7  9.1
Multi-Manager Income  Jul 2004  Nov 2011  48.0  5.4
AIM IHT Portfolio  Jul 2003  Nov 2011  140.5  15.1


* - Total return and IRR include the effect of the tax relief gained upon initial investment

Further details of these funds, including inception dates and strategies, are given in the Group's 2011 Annual Report and Accounts. The returns of all managed fund products are after an accrual for any carried interest and are net of a provision for all management fees and expenses. The returns for the discretionary portfolios and multi-manager products are gross.

Total funds under management as at the end of December 2011 were £1.3bn.