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Current activities

Shore Capital has been managing real estate in Germany since 2006.  During that time we have shown our commitment to the market by developing a full service German asset management operation, working from our offices in Berlin.  Our team includes specialist lawyers, financial controllers, architects and experienced asset managers.  This allows us to conduct a full range of diligence and analysis in-house, to an exceptionally high standard.  Our financial reporting, both to Sponsors and to Lenders is of the highest standards. 

Since 2006 we have focussed on developing a strong presence in Germany giving us access to dealflow and acquisition opportunities.  The market fundamentals are now very compelling for German investment and we are well positioned to continue growing our presence in this exciting market.


Third party asset management services

Shore Capital runs a successful investment and asset management advisory platform in Germany.  We offer third party asset management solutions to our clients and can add significant value for clients wishing to invest in German Real Estate, through:

  • Advising on strategy and overseeing implementation of that strategy; S
  • Sourcing and arranging acquisitions; 
  • Arranging debt; 
  • Delivering the information required to monitor investments effectively, keeping the focus on performance and raising red flags well in advance. 

Read more about our services by exploring the sections below:


Current areas of interest

Our core focus currently is good quality residential space in leading German cities, especially Berlin.  Our asset management team is especially skilled at the complex task of managing residential space.  However, we would consider any asset type in a good location where there is an appropriate opportunity for income stabilisation and capital gain.


For further information, please contact Thomas Marlinghaus, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Germany, on +49 (0) 30 2045 87 100.