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Integrated, entrepreneurial, involved

Current activities

Real estate management in the UK is currently focussed on the hotel sector, through Puma Hotels Plc, owner of 20 four star hotels.  Puma Hotels was established as specialist vehicle to acquire portfolios of UK hotels. The fund’s mandate was to create a tax efficient, cash generative investment vehicle, to acquire a portfolio of regional hotels with the objective of securing enhanced returns for its investors by financing the acquisitions using appropriate leverage and realising value.

Puma Hotels acquired 20 landmark hotels across Britain, which benefit from conference, corporate and leisure demand and were managed under the Paramount brand.  Puma Hotels established Paramount as one of Britain's leading domestic chains and in September 2007, agreed to lease its assets and transfer operational responsibility to Barceló, a leading global hotel company. 

In April 2012 Puma Hotels announced the signing of a business transfer agreement with Barceló to transfer the management of the hotels. This facilitated an orderly handover of the operations of the hotels, to be run under the Puma Hotels brand.  Chardon Management Ltd, a leading UK independent hotel management company, have been appointed to assist in the the management of the hotels. Further information can be found on the Puma Hotels website.

Current areas of interest

We remain very interested in the UK hotel sector and are actively considering opportunities in this space.

Shore Capital’s entrepreneurial focus and network of contacts allow us to remain close to the UK markets at all times and we are always prepared to look at new opportunities.  We can move quickly and are active across the full capital structure. 

See Discuss an investment opportunity and details of our Principal Finance activities for more information, or contact Rupert West on +44 (0) 207 468 7973 to discuss an oportunity.