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Real Estate is part of the DNA of Shore Capital.  We have a significant expertise across all aspects of the sector, from management of property related vehicles, to publication of leading sector-specific research, to apecialist IPO capabilities for real estate companies.  (See details of our research coverage here)

We have been involved in the management of property related vehicles since the launch of Puma Property in 2002, a UK commercial real estate investment fund that was wound up in 2008, delivering a total IRR to investors of 39.2%.

We currently manage significant assets in Germany.

German Real Estate

We manage 435,500 square meters of real estate across Germany which includes office, hotels, general commercial, retail and a significant proportion of residential property.  Assets are managed from our offices in Berlin by our expert team of property specialists including architects, experienced asset managers, lawyers and financial managers.


Our staff are expert across the full real estate investment cycle – deal flow and asset selection; analytics, structuring and execution; risk control and ongoing management – whilst our entrepreneurial culture ensures that we make every possible effort to deliver returns.


The Thomson Reuters 2011 Extel Survey rated Shore Capital’s research as Top Three nationally for the Building Materials & Construction sector.  Two of our dedicated sector analysts (Gavin Jago & Jon Bell) are rated within the Top Five as sector analysts.