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We have a 6 year track record of exceptional management performance, both in terms of revenue enhancement and cost control.

From our offices in Berlin, Shore Capital manages 435,000 square meters of real estate including 3,130 residential units, 112,000 sqm of office space, hotels including the Hyatt Regency Cologne, retail including 45 Lidl stores, and mixed use units.

We harness local knowledge and deep expertise, operating at international standards of management, reporting and financial oversight.  Our team comprises the following specialists:

  • Active asset managers with significant expertise across relevant asset classes
  • Multi-staff legal function
  • Architect
  • Qualified accountants and  financial controllers

This range of expertise allows us to deliver real results for our clients, focusing on:

Income stabilisation and growth

Demonstrated through the reduction in vacancy at Sonnensiedlung (1,676 residential units in Berlin) from around 17% at handover in September 2006, to below 2%.  Vacancy has been held below 2% since May 2010, with net operating income up 45% under our management.

Exceptional tenancy management

Demonstrated through successful negotiations with C&A, secured as an anchor tenant at a shopping centre in Zweibrucken after the bankruptcy and departure of SinnLeffers in 2009.


For further information, please contact Thomas Marlinghaus, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Germany, on +49 (0)30 204 587 100.