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Independent, rigorous, ideas driven

Shore Capital is one of the most highly regarded houses for equity research on stocks listed in London & Dublin in these Isles. Whilst we are proud of our Research capability it is not just us that think so: in the 2013 Thomson Reuters StarMine survey Shore Capital was ranked Europe's 3rd Most Productive Broker.

Core Research Coverage

Our team of twenty research analysts cover c.200 companies as well as providing equity strategy and credit market analysis. We focus our research resources on seven core segments of the market (see Sectors we Cover):



Within our sector coverage Shore Capital follows industries and stocks from top to bottom. In this respect, we are reasonably distinctive in offering competitive and well established analysis in FTSE-100 stocks right down to AIM and FTSE Small-Cap equities. This approach provides our experienced and well renowned Sales Team and clients with considerable breadth and depth of sector analysis and we believe this contributes to our popularity within the Industries and Sectors that our team covers.

Our ‘large-cap’ expertise also provides us with extensive Corporate Access at the most senior level of the corporations that we cover and strong revenue streams from Secondary Markets. Shore Capital is a relatively modest equity research house but it is no small-cap or primary dependent broker reflecting the robustness and balance of our business model.

In addition to UK-listed stocks we have one of the most comprehensive coverage levels of major Irish listed and domiciled equities and strong links into the Irish corporate market.

Furthermore, Shore Capital also provides a highly valued and specialist equity income research product covering European stocks.

If you would like further information on Shore Capital's equity research proposition please click on the following e-mail link or call Edinburgh (020 7079 1670), Liverpool (0151 600 3700) or London (0207 408 4080).