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Independent, rigorous, ideas driven

Our research proposition is based upon fundamental analysis. As a house we see merit in valuing equities where appropriate on earnings multiples.  Most businesses must reinvest in their assets, pay financing costs and taxation; to strip these out as if shareholders receive invisible prizes is questionable to say the least.

Whilst so, we also believe it to be equally questionable only to value earnings in isolation and so we appraise management, business strategy, the economic & competitive climate, revenues, cash flow and assets as well.

This all round approach is reflected in the high emphasis given to detailed company appraisal, sector and thematic research output; we try to limit what at times can be considered maintenance research.

Forward Thinking Treatment of Conflicts of Interest

In addition to a strong track record for sound analysis, stretching back to many of the original Shore Capital team's day at Charterhouse Tilney, we also believe that we have a forward thinking and client facing approach to conflicts of interest.

On stocks with which we have a corporate relationship, Shore Capital applies what we deem to be a grown up approach and demonstrably transparent approach that serves our clients well by having ‘No Recommendation’ on such equities.

The corporate client still receives high quality financial analysis and investment appraisal, rigorous research put into a rounded context plus all the other elements of our research proposition alongside our highly and widely regarded distribution skills through our Sales Team.

However, we deliver what we and our clients (Corporate and. Investors) believe is an appropriate and professional context.  

If you would like further information on Shore Capital's equity research proposition please click on the following e-mail link or call Edinburgh (020 7079 1670), Liverpool (0151 600 3700) or London (020 7408 4080).