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Independent, rigorous, ideas driven

Shore Capital has a talented blend of analysts with considerable experience of their respective industries, professional associations and investment banking. Our team includes professionals with extensive experience of industry, professional services from actuarial analysis to the legal profession, medical research to chartered accountancy.

Based across three offices in Edinburgh, Liverpool and London, we bring distinctive perspectives as well as strong fundamental research to the stock market. Our team's sector based stockbroking skills combine well with extensive experience of primary work in tandem with our innovative and creative Shore Capital & Corporate Team.

Our research team's capabilities are reflected in the successful growth of our business. We appreciate the support of our clients; clients that have ranked our research team highly in several and successive external surveys.

Additionally though, we have a high level of interaction with our Industries and Companies, and our research is well regarded by 'The Trades. Furthermore it is widely quoted by the UK and International trade and financial media.


If you would like further information on Shore Capital's equity research proposition please click on the following e-mail link or call Edinburgh (020 7079 1670), Liverpool (0151 600 3700) or London (020 7408 4080).